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The Moor

I have been continuing my work on my Moor series which was instigated by a trip away to Derbyshire. I’ve extended this remit to essentially include the more wildish aspects of the UK countryside as I normally spend most of […]

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Situating the Research and the Residency

I have always dreamt about visiting the Amazon Rainforest, and the idea of having an opportunity for artistic engagement with such landscape had a dream like quality. For quite a while, I have been interested in the indigenous knowledges and […]

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The Moors

Much of my recent art has been about the graffiti, shadows, reflections and gritty periphery side of urban areas and cities. It is also about how all these aspects blend with the corners of my thoughts – both conscious and […]

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We are tired

We are tired— Tuesday 5th September 2017 Cowley – Grand Union Canal – chalk marker pen on glass

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Contrail — Friday 25th August 2017 Uxbridge – Grand Union Canal – chalk marker pen on glass

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The Sublime and the Wondrous by Alison Gracie

Current exhibition exploring the theme The Sublime and the Wondrous Works on canvas, watercolours and photography featur in this exhibition.

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We murder

Porthole — We murder — Friday 11th August 2017 Uxbridge – Grand Union Canal – chalk marker pen on glass

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Over the last week and a bit I haven’t done much art. There’s plenty I could be getting on with and whilst I am feeling somewhat tired from my current radiotherapy treatment it’s more to do with the fact I’m […]

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Once In a Universe

Bringing together ideas about growth, transmutation and evolution in a period of rapid social, political, environmental and technological change. Image above: “Blood Music” from a collaboration with photographer Vicki Painting.

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Drawing (2015-2017)

I used to love drawing as a kid and began getting back into it a couple of years ago, mainly as an accompaniment to research, but didn’t really look into it in any great depth.  More recently, I have been […]

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[YOUR] Forest

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    The Muse at 269 Gallery | Studio
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    September 22, 2016
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    October 09, 2016
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