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New Website and Cool Britannia painting

Day one of painting on the union jack laid over with clear gesso and the face started in oil paint.  It is still in its development stage but for now I am happy. I intend to finish it next week […]

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Patterns and infinite circles

My 2 latest paintings have been exploring similar themes but in very different ways. ‘Discretion’ plays with the patterns I found in scrunched up newspaper which I juxtaposed with the close up detail of a lace fan. It is complicated […]

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Hofmann’s critical thinking

forgot to add another little gem from yesterday’s reading, I find Hofmann very inspiring for my practice and for my dissertation. “Colour has in itself a sovereign function on the basis of its light no sub-intrinsic qualities. Colour itself is […]

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critical thinking

I thought i would add the most interesting find on my dissertation research of the day. The topic of my dissertation is based on the history of colour and how it effects modern art. i have been researching the study […]

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My art journey

This blog shows my journey in painting and art.

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Bits and bobs I like

This collection of articles shows my interests which reflect my personal practice. My work can be viewed on saatchi art. 

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Screen printed images – edited sections of photo research Working to combine painted image with printed image – could this manifest itself in a three dimensional way also? If so, how could that be? I am thinking objects, or shapes […]

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Re_view Bursary meeting #5

Post 10 Christian Mooney  – 2 July Not to repeat myself too much, although at this stage it seemed clear that some of the given  advice was overlapping from the 5 mentors but of course with individual nuances. So I […]

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Shreds of Paper

This latest work has grown out of my art that has essentially gone wrong. When tidying up my studio I came across a few medium sized blank canvases. In an ‘experimental, waste not, want not’ kind of mood, I spray […]

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Anselm Kiefer

All hail the King! The heavyweight champ is in town, with the other contender to the throne also due in London at Gagosian from October the 11th. Anselm Kiefer is lead to Richard Serra’s steel. But for now it’s all […]

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Are you based in West Sussex and paint?

I am hoping to connect with any painters here on the a-n website who work and live in the Littlehampton, West Sussex area. It seems to me that there isn’t a massive amount on offer for painters, although in East […]

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Battling towards the essential in my work

After some PaperFields exhibition prep I got stuck into painting this afternoon.  Worked on several pieces that had already been started (1 yesterday) and another – a large paper roll.  I found a way to clamp it to a stretcher […]

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Re_view Bursary meeting #4

Post 9 Gemma Lloyd – 27/June/14 – 2 hour I was aware of PEER’s exhibition programme, initially through their on-line presence and have become increasingly interested in what they do since a few close contacts of mine have worked with […]

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Autobiography - a set of nine ceramic vehicles in unglazed terra-cotta. Each approx. h15cm, w20cm, d10cm
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