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I am collaborating with another artist, under my own brand, on a new product. I would be really grateful for advice on suitable types of partnership agreement, and issues such as intellectual property with regards to the joint work. Thanks!

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ACORP & Pensitone Line Partnership Funding Award

Absolutely delighted to announce we’ve been awarded ACORP & Penistone Line Partnership funding to print Dwell Time! The funding will enable us to print and distribute the newspaper with a launch event in March 2019, plus print selected contributions onto […]

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  Applications are open for the 2018/19 Visual Artist Fellow with the Clore Leadership Programme. It’s 3 months since completing my 2017/18 Fellowship and 3 weeks after our official graduation at Tate Britain where Maria Balshaw, director of Tate gave […]

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Consideration for the environment along with building community engagement feature within some recent projects organised in Yorkshire, Scotland, Wales Northumberland and Derbyshire.

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