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Art and the election: MPs and artists debate at AUE hustings

Whilst the three main parties were keen to stress a need to redistribute arts funding more evenly around the UK, there was little in the way of concrete pledges at Wednesday evening’s Artists’ Union England Hustings debate in London, addressing issues that directly concern artists in the lead up to the general election. Stephen Palmer reports.

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Open exhibitions and entry fees: price worth paying or licence to exploit artists?

Open exhibitions are becoming an increasingly common aspect of the visual arts landscape, with high-profile big hitters such as the BP Portrait Award and Royal Academy Summer Show joined by a growing number of smaller-scale shows. But with most charging an entry fee and with no guarantee of being included, are artists simply being asked to subsidise the sector with their own money? Jack Hutchinson investigates.

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2014 – How was it for you? #10: Jeanie Scott

In the final instalment of our ten-part end-of-year series, a-n’s new director – who took over in September following a three-month handover period – looks back over the last 12 months and looks forward to doing more for artists in 2015.

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Artists’ livelihoods: a concern shared internationally

While strategies to pay artists better are forging ahead in the UK, this vital issue is also on high on the agenda in some other countries. Susan Jones reports on Working Artists: aspects of art and labour, a recent conference in South Korea which she also spoke at.

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Who pays artists: art, value and the importance of a shared ethos

The issue of artists’ pay and exploitation in the US is prompting a variety of responses that question what it means to be an artist in the current economic climate. Abigail Satinsky, associate director at Chicago’s Threewalls gallery, surveys the landscape and asks whether we need to look at how we value and define art and artists.

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Value of Self, not Self-Indulgent

The congratulations still streaming in, I’m actually starting to believe it now. It is a weird process… or it was for me… Having given up my salary and my proper job, I was highly motivated to get this right. And […]

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Paying artists

Collected resources that aid good practice and terms of reference for valuing artists’ contributions to the arts within society.

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