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Top Tips

This is a list of small changes I did while I was researching this process and that had a big impact on my research. Cut the leaf from the plant only when you are about to expose it to sunlight. This is […]

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What didn’t work. 3 important advices

This blog post is an archive of things that didn’t work. Realising the 3 facts described below had a very strong impact in my research. I hope you enjoy my archive of failures and that it saves you some time […]

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Free online chlorophyll printing workshop

On Thursday 2nd of August from 11:00am to 12:30,  I’ll be running a free online chlorophyll printing workshop, with the support from the Professional Development bursary from a-n. This event is free an open to all artist, but registration is mandatory. […]

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Notes on the chlorophyll printing process

This blog will explain all my research on the chlorophyll printing process.
This process can be practice in 2 completely different manners.

Method 1: Bleaching
Method 2: Altering the photosynthesis

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