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Commission agreements

This checklist by Sheena Etches and Nicholas Sharp covers many issues relevant to small-scale private and public art commissions, with questions to consider and further explanation of issues arising in the notes.

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IN-SITE: Regeneration and the Role of Public Art

A creative seminar linked to the IN-SITE project, arranged by Francis Knight  at the University of Kent, Chatham Historic Dockyard, 8th July 2015 I found the discussion about the role the artist has to offer in public projects particularly intriguing. […]

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Public art, what is it for?

A report written by Amelia Crouch entitled, ‘Public’ art on campus: strategy and reality in UK universities, touches on funding for public art projects and the differences between ‘monumental’ artworks commissioned by private money, and more durational or community focussed […]

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A Q&A with… Michael Stumpf, sculptor

For the Art Across The City public art programme in Swansea, Glasgow-based artist Michael Stumpf has sited three sculptures in an amphitheatre in order that they can have ‘a debate about the nature of their thingness’. Chris Sharratt finds out more.

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Valuing the opinions of locals

On Monday, I finally met up in person with Paul Hammond of Hammond Associates and Kyla, the Kirkby shopping centre manager, to look over the unit that will be used as a base for artists. To re cap, I will […]

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The Kelpies….What is ART?

If the weather holds I am off to see the ‘Kelpies’ at Falkirk this Saturday, as my wife has a lifelong passion and love for horses and so it seems the obvious thing to do. I suppose what interests me […]

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