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Glitter, Glitter, Glitter – how I love you

Why glitter: a response (not least for Elena)   Elena’s comment on my previous blog and responses from the artists’ statement writing peer support group have promoted me to examine my attraction to, and use of, glitter. Here are pretty […]

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The Space Between

Thoughts on art, literature and philosophy as they intercept my life and practice.

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Studio Visit from Carrie Patten

A couple of weeks ago writer Carrie Patten made a visit to my studio, we talked for an hour or so and she looked through work in progress and pieces ready to show. Her reflections have allowed me to consider […]

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Two out of Nine

I have written a song about domestic violence. I worry about it though. I think it could be a good one. I think also that it could be an important inclusion in the final nine. So it had better be […]

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