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Brutalist truth: Robin Hood Gardens and the politics of regeneration

For her book REGENERATION!, artist Jessie Brennan spent time on the soon to be demolished Robin Hood Gardens estate in Poplar, London talking to residents and making rubbings of their doormats. She speaks to Chris Sharratt about the nature of her practice, the importance of conversations and the clash of ideologies that the regeneration of the estate represents.

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News News feature

A Q&A with… Alice Cunningham, sculptor

Alice Cunningham’s solo exhibition at the Royal British Society of Sculptors, London, includes new works in marble developed while she was recipient of the 2014 Brian Mercer Stone Carving Residency in Pietrasanta, Italy. She speaks to Pippa Koszerek about how she worked with a specialist stone carving studio to create the four works included in the show.

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