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3 x Visual Artist Micro-Commissions for NHS Storytelling Project

The Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust are looking for three local visual artists to help creatively illustrate a local story about friendship and compassion as part of a wider NHS England oral histories archive cultural project in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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A-n Artist Bursary 2019 – Stage 2 (August 2019)

I then went from California to Ghana to learn the Kpanlogo Dance, of the Ga tribe in Accra. This dance is known to be “the dance of the youth,” and originated during the wake of Ghana’s Independence in 1957 as […]

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Animated City

Investigating people and places through the mediums of animation, illustration, installation and storytelling.

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“Once upon a time, stories grew out of the fabric of our spirit. We were one with them. Along came information: present-bound, unambiguous, surface. This is why information is a menace to storytelling, observes Walter Benjamin, and why storytelling is […]

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The Collection

Having finished 14 diagram poems I’m ready to start finding order amongst seemingly random stanzas. These are all going to be framed for the exhibition as well as several of them being printed as a limited edition booklet for visitors […]

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