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Perfect for artists who also need access to the unique Creative freelance insurance. Combining Artist and Arts organiser memberships giving you both sets of benefits including:

  • Public & Products Liability insurance and Professional Indemnity insurance for Artists
    Membership includes £5m Public and Products Liability (PPL) insurance and £5m Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance and access to the opportunity to take advantage of specialist insurance packages for artists. More on insurance
  • Professional Indemnity insurance for Arts organisers
    Access to a unique, competitively-priced Creative freelance insurance that covers the varied nature of freelance work in the visual arts giving £1m Professional Indemnity and £5m Public and Products Liability cover for £110.20 annually. More on insurance
  • Other benefits
    Online community, resources, professional development and research.
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Joint Artist and Arts organiser

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