Andrew Cross, '(still from) 3 hours from here', Film, 2004.


Andrew Cross, '(still from) 3 hours from here', Film, 2004.


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PM Gallery & House

Always Greener

4 May - 24 June 2012

'Always Greener: Views from the Contemporary Countryside' examines the reality that exists behind dreams of ‘a place in the country’. Through painting, drawing, photography, video and sculptural installation, the exhibition challenges modern preconceptions, exploring the countryside as somewhere that is constructed from powerful cultural, economic and political forces - as a place that exists in our imaginations as much as anywhere on the map. EXHIBITING ARTISTS: Georgina Barney with Alice Carey, Christina Bryant, The Caravan Gallery, Emily Cole, Andrew Cross, Anna Fox, James Ireland, Tim Machin, My Villages. Gallery Tour: Saturday 16 June at 2pm. Free - just turn up.

Walpole Park Mattock Lane Ealing W5 5EQ

Tue-Fri & Sun 1-5pm, Sat 11am-5pm