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Professional practice

Video guides

Improve your professional practice with this growing portfolio of video guides.

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Distributing video online

Video artist Anton Hecht - whose Youtube channel has over a million views - shares strategies on how to get views and feedback for video work published online. Read on…

Guide, May 2013

Pop Up People

"Don't let the barriers of bureaucracy stand in your way".
Pop Up People was an action research project developed by artist and AIR member Dan Thompson and the Empty Shops Network, funded by Arts Council England with crowdfunding support from the High Street Hundred. Read on…

Guide, February 2012

Art and appropriation

When does artistic freedom become copyright infringement? Artist David Mabb considers works in his practice, including a run-in with Magnum Photos and appropriating the work of William Morris. Read on…

Guide, June 2011

A Cultural Commons

Ben White and Eileen Simpson created the Open Music Archive to distribute music that no longer has copyright protection. Their project looks at ways you can distribute your work but still control some of its uses. Read on…

Guide, July 2011

Site Specific Art

Artist Susanna Heron talks through her experiences of being commissioned on public art projects, the pitfalls she encounters and how to get around them. Includes an overview on the rights, roles and responsibilities of commissioners and artists. Read on…

Guide, July 2011

Art and ideas - what does copyright law recognise as art?

Artists sometimes report their work has been seemingly ripped off and used in other ways without their consent - but what is actually covered and protected by copyright law? Artist Simon Faithfull talks about some of his experiences, and what he can do to protect aspects of his work. Read on…

Guide, July 2011

Gallery deals

Art dealer René Gimpel of Gimpel Fils considers the relationship between artists and galleries, including contracts, gallery responsibilities and what commercial galleries do for artists. Read on…

Guide, June 2011

Social media: Blogging

For this video guide, Chris Unitt of Meshed Media talks to Charlotte Frost about different blog platforms, getting the most from a blog, and some of the creative and innovative blogs around.
 Read on…

Guide, January 2011

Social media: Twitter

For this video guide, Katy Beale and Charlotte Frost discuss micro-blogging with particular reference to Twitter and how it can be used for research, marketing and collaboration, plus a look at how artists are using Twitter in innovative ways that connect with their practice. Read on…

Guide, January 2011

Social media: Facebook

Due to recent changes to Facebook we are updating this video guide. Read on…

Guide, March 2011

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