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July/August 2010

Post-graduate Professional preparation feature plus how makers are contributing to the economy; Theresa Liang and William West of Liangwest Gallery and artist Prem Sahib in Collaborative relationships; Tatton Park biennale in reviews; Exhibiting opportunities focus.

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Re Intellectual bankruptcy

I've been thinking about Jon Bowen's letter in a-n Magazine Subscribers read on…

Letter, a-n Magazine July 2010

Ongoing debate

Approaching this ongoing debate in a-n Magazine from back to front, I read with interest David Minton's lyrical and provocative text in his Artists Talking blog, sat with it for a few days, and was moved to repost it on my website, before reading the previous month's correspondence.  Subscribers read on…

Letter, a-n Magazine July 2010


Snapshot - 2010 July

Susie Cochrane with highlights of what's on in July and August around the UK and beyond. Subscribers read on…

Snapshot, a-n Magazine July 2010


The Economy of the Gift

A Foundation, Liverpool
9 April - 22 May Subscribers read on…

Review, a-n Magazine July 2010

Tatton Park Biennial 2010: Framing Identity

Tatton Park, Cheshire
8 May - 26 September Subscribers read on…

Review, a-n Magazine July 2010

Paul Teigh and Martin Russell: Beyond the Plenum

University of Hertfordshire Galleries, Hertfordshire
19 February - 24 April Subscribers read on…

Review, a-n Magazine July 2010

American Mountains

Auto Italia South East, London
29 April - 16 May Subscribers read on…

Review, a-n Magazine July 2010


Art for All? Radical pedagogy vs a desire for education

In a recent presentation to peers, tutors and her Goldsmiths degree show audience(s), Sarah Rowles asks: Does art education come with a key to understanding art and making more informed judgments about art? Subscribers read on…

Comment, a-n Magazine July 2010


What do senior artists need?

A programme of research into the lifestyle and artistic needs of senior artists in Canada with reference to international case-studies will inform developments by AIR - Artists Interaction and Representation. Subscribers read on…

News, a-n Magazine July 2010

Vaizey defends ACE cuts

Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries defended the decision to cut the Arts Council's budget by a disproportionate 4% at the launch of Arts and Business initiative The Big Arts Give.  Subscribers read on…

News, a-n Magazine July 2010

Tweets on arts funding

In May, Culture Minister Jeremy Hunt announced cuts to the arts to take immediate effect. Here? a selection of the hundreds of tweets on #artsfunding issues that ensued. Subscribers read on…

News, a-n Magazine July 2010

Trust New Art

A National Trust and Arts Council England partnership will build links between the Trust and contemporary arts and craft sector. Subscribers read on…

News, a-n Magazine July 2010

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