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November 2011

Pointing North highlights the festivals, events and exhibitions taking place across the North of England this season; Katriona Beales reports from the Apha-ville festival symposium in London; in Debate Emma Geliot asks are disabled artists more in the mainstream now - or have the goal posts just moved sideways; and in Collaborative relationships Marcus Coates, Lucy Skaer and Tracey Rowledge recount their experiences of collaborating with dance artists Henry Montes, Gill Clarke and Sarah Warsop to create a series of performance, film and drawing works commissioned by choreographer Siobhan Davies.

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Planning rules should promote the arts

Through a letter published in the Sunday Telegraph, 2 October, a consortium of arts bodies including a-n called for inclusion of arts and culture in National Planning Policy Framework. Subscribers read on…

Letter, October 2011

New opportunities

I have recently responded to a couple of exhibition opportunity announcements and followed them through - the most recent: Calling all artists for a group exhibition at The Brick Lane Gallery. Subscribers read on…

Letter, October 2011

Less is not always more: art education on the back foot

On reading Mitra Memarzia's report on diminishing resources in undergraduate courses ('The future of art education', a-n Magazine September 2011) I was moved to both endorse the findings and speculate further on the continuing erosion of specialist teacher training in art education. Subscribers read on…

Letter, October 2011

Community development

I have been reading some interesting comments recently in your magazine about the issue of artists when they leave education and enter employment. I feel I would like to comment on this issue. As an arts graduate I am now eleven years on after… Subscribers read on…

Letter, October 2011


Snapshot - 2011 November

Jack Hutchinson with highlights of what's on in November around the UK and beyond. Subscribers read on…

Snapshot, October 2011


Tom Dale: Memorial Drag Strip

Poppy Sebire, London
2 September - 1 October Subscribers read on…

Review, October 2011

The Green Man & Regular Fellows

Trade Gallery, Nottingham, 30 September – 2 October Read on…

Review, November 2011

Soon all your neighbours will be artists

Published by Eastside Projects with Aid & Abet, Extra Special People, Spike Associates, WARP Subscribers read on…

Review, October 2011

Next to Nothing: An Exhibition on The Price of Nothing and the Value of Everything

The Light, Leeds
15 September - 1 October Subscribers read on…

Review, October 2011

Inside Playful Minds

Arts Gallery, University of the Arts London
14 September - 28 October Subscribers read on…

Review, October 2011

Change the World or Go Home

Down Stairs Gallery, Herefordshire
10 September - 30 December Subscribers read on…

Review, October 2011


Aspire to inspire

It's sixteen years since the Disability Discrimination Act came into force; so are disabled artists more in the mainstream now, or have the goal posts just moved sideways asks Emma Geliot. Subscribers read on…

Comment, October 2011

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