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Making a living


What is the commercial climate for fine and applied arts? How important are galleries, corporate collectors and art fairs?

Artists seeking to make a living from their work have to think carefully about how best to develop sales opportunities for their work.

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Profiles: artists

Lina Peterson

Polly Harknett on the practice of emerging jeweller Lina Peterson, including creative/work balance and exploration of markets for her work. Read on…

Profile: artist, June 2008

Ben Coode-Adams

Brigid Howarth takes an in-depth look at the career path of sculptor and new-media artist Ben Coode-Adams, who makes his living from public and private commissions. Read on…

Profile: artist, April 2003

Art Fair

In the run up to the 2008 Zoo Art Fair, Jane Watt's profile looks at the first four years of this non-profit enterprise. Read on…

Profile: artist, October 2008

Andrew Tanner

Penny Jones explores the career of Andrew Tanner who has spent ten years as a designer maker developing many successful ranges of batch-produced ceramics. Read on…

Profile: artist, June 2008

Amy Azelda Cooper

Jo Wilson explores the work of ceramicist and sculptor Amy Cooper, in particular her successful balance between business and creativity. Read on…

Profile: artist, June 2007


The Manchester Contemporary

Launched in 2009, The Manchester Contemporary is an art fair that looks to encourage and develop a market for critically engaged contemporary art in North West England. We talk to Paulette Terry Brien of The International 3 who, alongside Laurence Lane, has been Curatorial Coordinator for the last three editions of the fair. Read on…

Profile, October 2012


Pamela Wells and Alicja Rogalska report back from Supermarket - an artist-run international art fair in Stockholm. They talk about why their own artist association Laundry attended the event, meet representatives from a vibrant artist-run culture in Sweden and beyond, and offer a sample of some of the organisations who attended. Read on…

Profile, April 2009

Shipley Art Gallery

Brigid Howarth profiles The Shipley Art Gallery, which holds a public collection of contemporary craft. Read on…

Profile, November 2003

Profile of an art collector

Brigid Howarth talks to an art buyer who has been collecting since the age of nineteen. Read on…

Profile, November 2003

Profile of a craft collector

Brigid Howarth gives a rare insight into one art buyer's collection and discovers the favorite haunts for snapping up the next big thing. Read on…

Profile, November 2003

Hidden Art

Lucy Wilson explores the development and expansion of Hidden Art, an initiative set-up by Dieneke Ferguson to promote the work of designer-makers in Hackney. Read on…

Profile, April 2003. Updated February 2009.

Deutsche Bank Art Collection

Brigid Howarth talks to Deutsch Bank curator Mary Findlay about the sourcing and buying of artworks for the largest corporate art collection in the world. Read on…

Profile, November 2003

Contemporary Art Society

The Contemporary Art Society (CAS) supports the museum collection of contemporary art. Hugh Adams investigates the society's aims and activities and offers advice on making an approach to CAS. Read on…

Profile, April 2003


Abigail Branagan profiles Collect - the international art fair for contemporary objects. Read on…

Profile, January 2009



Marice Cumber introduces key marketing concepts for artists and offers advice to help target your marketing effectively. Read on…

Guide, April 2003

Intangible, inflatable, irreducible

Lucy Kimbell explores the value of artists' work. Read on…

Guide, November 2004

Gallery, dealer and agent agreements

The following checklist by Sheena Etches and Nicholas Sharp covers many of the issues that arise when artists enter an arrangement with a private gallery, dealer or agent. Read on…

Guide, April 2003

Approaching galleries

While there are no set rules, this guide by Gavin Wade suggests a number of imaginative strategies for creating gallery interest in your work. Read on…

Guide, April 2003


Markets for designer-makers

How does a maker reach the market? Freelance consultant and Market Development Manager for Cockpit Arts Abigail Branagan highlights the key routes. Read on…

Tour, January 2009

Artists' product

Hilary Williams talks to four artists about how they have developed specific products. She learns about their initial motivation and inspiration, how they developed their ideas into production and what marketing strategies they employed for these particular products.  Read on…

Tour, April 2003

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