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Making a living


What is the commercial climate for fine and applied arts? How important are galleries, corporate collectors and art fairs?

Artists seeking to make a living from their work have to think carefully about how best to develop sales opportunities for their work.

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Profiles: artists

Art Fair

In the run up to the 2008 Zoo Art Fair, Jane Watt's profile looks at the first four years of this non-profit enterprise. Read on…

Profile: artist, October 2008

Ben Coode-Adams

Brigid Howarth takes an in-depth look at the career path of sculptor and new-media artist Ben Coode-Adams, who makes his living from public and private commissions. Read on…

Profile: artist, April 2003

Lina Peterson

Polly Harknett on the practice of emerging jeweller Lina Peterson, including creative/work balance and exploration of markets for her work. Read on…

Profile: artist, June 2008



Big business?

Brigid Howarth investigates the multifaceted business of buying and selling in the corporate art market. Read on…

Feature, a-n Magazine January 2003

Buyers' market

Brigid Howarth discovers what makes art buyers tick. Read on…

Feature, a-n Magazine December 2003

Collecting craft

Kate Day, curator of contemporary craft at Manchester Art Gallery, talks to Amanda Fielding about her work. First in a new six-part series 'Crossing over' focusing on arts professionals and how they work with artists. Read on…

Feature, a-n Magazine August 2003

Internationalism in UK design

Lucy Wilson looks at the opportunities and aspirations for taking craft and design practice international, in the first of two articles inspired by the Jetset conference. Read on…

Feature, a-n Magazine September 2004

Minding the store

Stéphanie Delcroix presents The Multiple Store from behind the scenes. Read on…

Feature, a-n Magazine July 2003

Netting sales

Tim Birch samples some of the websites selling art online. Read on…

Feature, a-n Magazine September 2002

On the Wall

Rod McIntosh gives a rundown on this new art fair and talks to the winners of the Signpost competition star prize. Read on…

Feature, a-n Magazine October 2004

Showing in the USA

Glass artist Jonathan Andersson discusses the benefits of breaking into the American art and craft fair circuit. Read on…

Feature, a-n Magazine January 2003

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