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Social media: Twitter

For this video guide, Katy Beale and Charlotte Frost discuss micro-blogging with particular reference to Twitter and how it can be used for research, marketing and collaboration, plus a look at how artists are using Twitter in innovative ways that connect with their practice.



Video co-produced by:
Charlotte Frost
and Jared Schiller

Contributor:  Katy Beale helps creative and cultural organisations interact with and develop their audiences, often using digital and social media, and with marketing agencies on strategy and creative ideas for brands.

She recently worked with Camden Arts Centre on their audience development strategy; Science Museum creating a social media dashboard; Artangel on a one-off interactive piece for the V&A  - a 'twitter typewriter'; and BBC Radio 3 on social ideas for the Proms.

Throughout 2009, she developed Tate's social media infrastructure, leading a cross-departmental steering group. Previously she created integrated marketing campaigns for The South Bank and Bankside Cultural Quarter, and Kinetika - securing the London 2012 Inspire Mark.

She regularly talks on the subject of digital and social media at conferences and leads training sessions for a variety of organisations. She has written recent articles for Arts & Business and Arts Professional Magazine. She contributed a chapter to Twitter & Museums: Strategies and Tactics for Success published by MuseumsEtc Magazine and is currently compiling a book about games and museums by the same publisher.
Twitter: @katybeale

Creative Examples
Such Tweet Sorrow
The Guggenheim
Johanna Basford

Third Party Applications

Useful Hashtags
#followfriday or #ff

For more arts hashtags see

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Charlotte Frost

First published: January 2011

Comments on this article

Dover Arts Development is doing a research project called boxmein looking into the use of social media tools, so this series comes at a good time for us.

posted on 2011-02-10 by Clare Smith

I am really enjoying this new series of videos re: using social media and networking in artwork, not only as a way of promoting myself but also as a way of directly interacting with a wider community in order to generate new ideas for my artwork. As someone who has been blogging for years (almost 5 now), but has only recently started to 'tweet' I am amazed at how quickly I have started to attract followers. This in turn has led to more readers for my blog. I also have direct experience of Twitter making the research and application of jobs easier. I follow A-N jobs and opportunities and ArtsJObs through Peep on my HTC, which allows me to email potential employers in regards to briefs etc; and keeps me at the forefront of what is 'out there' in regards to my own professional development. I don't think I ever realised what potential Twitter has until I started to use it, and I am now quite excited by how it can improve my own creative practice.

posted on 2011-01-25 by Sarah Terry

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