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Projects unedited

Artists discussing their practice and experiences through personal blogs about the projects they’re working on, as they happen, wherever they happen.

Starting a project? Why not share your experiences by writing a blog about it?

Emma O'Brien - lock gallery

i am about to open a gallery in the canal basin, will be primarily a space for me to work as an artist and also exhibit my work. I also wish to showcase new, established artists and also students and graduates.  Read on…

Latest post: 31 July 2008

Audrey O'Brien - Photographs, text images, collages

I am drawn to displaced objects commonly found & have lost their function.   Read on…

Latest post: 15 February 2013

Audrey O'Brien - an ordinary experience made...

How can I bring my interests of the Dada movement when working with people? Is it to employ the use of chance? How can this develop anything new? or is it simply creating a set of techniques? I developed a sensory Dada poetry workshop. From Read on…

Latest post: 27 July 2012

Andrew O'Brien - Art Down Under

Critical thought and essays on Artists, galleries and exhibitions. Read on…

Latest post: 5 February 2012

Audrey O'Brien - Plumblines

I delivered a sensory art project in West Dunbartonshire. I was commissioned by a new group formed called Time To Connect which was set up by parents to provide access and participation to the arts. Their main aim is to reach adults who are Read on…

Latest post: 18 May 2012

Audrey O'Brien - It Is Is It

As one of the art tutors with Sense Scotland this project brought together ten people re-discovering a particular architectural space.  In the Kelvingrove Museum & Art Gallery, which first opened in 1901, the red sandstone and marble tiled Read on…

Latest post: 12 July 2013

Jonathan O'Dea - Changing Spaces

Project that explores the changing environment with the development of the Olympic Park Read on…

Latest post: 10 April 2012


Anthony Oliver - University of Cumbria - formerly Cumbria Institute of the Arts

MA Contemporary Fine Art, Caldewgate Campus, Carlisle - A singularly fine and unique experience in a world brought up to revere mediocrity. Read on…

Latest post: 27 May 2008

Emily Oliver - Artists taking the lead

We’ve set up this blog because this project is about giving artists a voice in the Cultural Olympiad, and we want to make sure there’s a place for you (the artists!) to talk - to us and to each other, and for us to give you more of an Read on…

Latest post: 8 June 2009


Mary Oliver - Rules and Regs Residency South Hill Park

I am going to be one of three performance artists in residence at South Hill Park, Bracknell from September 21st to October 17th. I will not find out my personal Rules and Regulations until the first day and then making work in response to them. As Read on…

Latest post: 4 October 2009

Laura Onions - L J Onions

This is an archive. Read on…

Latest post: 27 September 2013

Michaela Simone Organ - University Campus Suffolk

Fine Art (BA Hons) Read on…

Latest post: 9 April 2014

Annabeth Orton - Word of Mouse

Glittermouse (Annabeth Orton) logs her missions and adventures in exploring the role of interaction in modern city spaces and the affect this has on public ownership and social cohesion. The Word of Mouse blog records details of public projects, Read on…

Latest post: 12 March 2014

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