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The editor of Artists talking is Andrew Bryant.
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Artists talking exposes contemporary artists' practice with artists' blogs, interviews and articles. Plus Artists' stories and Image bank.

Annamaria Kardos, 'Read/Unread', 2014.

Blog highlights

“I call it 'the cooler'. My family never even go in there... it can be a bit, er... bleak!” Rob Turner Read on »

“My (first ever) animation is a humorous take on the never ending process and occupation of finding arguments.” Annamaria Kardos Read on »

“These bold assertions of self-belief from the grass roots seem to contain a more grounded ideal, a more realistic model of an artist than the art world could ever produce.” Simon Fell Read on »

Nana's Colours (working title) Kate Murdoch, 2014.

Blog top ten

Each month Artists talking blogs are ranked by number of visits and time spent on each page. This month's Top ten includes:

Threads by Elena Thomas

The Art of Teaching. by Bo Jones

Daddy, I'm a Man! AnnaMaria Pinaka and Jennifer Picken 

Alice Bradshaw, 'A6 Part 1 (detail)'.

Blogger interviews

Read interviews with Artists talking bloggers including Elena Thomas, Iris Priest, Becky Hunter, Ania Bas and Ruthie Ford in 2012 »  Alice Bradshaw, Marc Renshaw, Jane Boyer, Rob Turner, Anne Shaw and Stuart Mayes in 2011 »


We blog Comparing blogging to a ‘collective game of hide and seek,' H.E. Cocker rethinks the blog as a place where an idea can exist without existing at all and where the future is implied whilst not yet written. Read on »

Where is the education in education? Director of Q-Art London Sarah Rowles addresses this question in relation to art and blogging. Read on »

Writing art and life Tamarin Norwood discusses how blogs can ’paint’ a better picture of artistic practice than just painting a picture. Read on »

Artists Talking c2b1

explaining myself

By Janet Sainsbury

To write about and develop a personal language with which to explain & understand my practice; to help me reflect and evaluate its progress. 

Read on »

Artists talking c2b2

Family therapy #1

By Rachel Davies

I met with Reenee at the Wellcome Trust today for an hour while my son played on my phone. We discussed my work, and her work. I said I am coming to this project looking at familial interdependency with a Morrissey quote in my head 'there is no Read on »

Blog Q & A

Blog Q & A

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For answers to these and other questions click here. Also, in this article Andrew Bryant addresses common blog related concerns »

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