I am a disabled artist and as such it is taking me some time to begin my career, it seems that there are few jobs in the arts, though I think it is important to realise that opportunities come to those who get out and about. Networking. Its important to know the right place to be. I think maybe I have to ‘put it about’ for a bit to just get my face known, mostly I feel a deep sense of connection as an artist to other artists, that we support each other and encourage one another.

Many times its been a struggle financially, I am keen now to get on with hosting some workshops, making something there, also, I have an instinctive urge to begin to put action where my mouth and mouse are, I am going to stand up for human rights and benefits claimants, by assisting them locally to me here in Ipswich.

my new website www.angeladawnwright.co.uk



I think it is about time the belief in me as an artist is more budding than beginning.

The next blog will have a different title, and a new angle..

for an update right now I can share with you that I have been writing my book that is going alongside my blog www.howbenefitgalworks.tumblr.com and working on the strategy for the Arts Building Book, for which I am coordinating and collating.

Happy New Year and …. New art xx

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A short while ago I was offered the chance to work with Robert Pacitti on a project he has taken on with a ‘Moving Stories’ commission. I have long admired Robert’s work and his integrity. So naturally I said yes to the offer.

Along with artists involved in this work including Giovanna Maria Cassetta, Tonny, Rowan and Robert we began our workshops to develop the work we are doing and to get into the phase of performance art and adventure we are embarking upon.

It was an emotional and incredible sharing experience, maybe I shared too much? The struggles I have experienced within my body, I only shared a small amount, some things were still to raw for exposure to a group of people I had not already worked with.

Meeting and sharing with such professional artists was incredibly humbling, I really felt unworthy yet I did feel a part of a collective collaboration.

I did share something about my experience of the knees being a place where childhood and life experience is held between, if your childhood took a battering, your knees are inevitably weakened and troubled. Needless to say I have extreme issues with my knees!!!

Robert mentioned in a talk he gave to the UCS arts and humanities students about his theory of ‘the explicit body’. A significant and meaningful description of using the body as a creative statement.

Working with professional artists is motivating, inspiring, engaging, challenging, exciting and developing me professionally.

Everyone is friendly, respectful and welcoming

I am loving it…..


Many projects I am currently planning and completing are ongoing, some of those are volunteering roles. I significantly chose them for me to join in line with my practice as an artist, and to become and feel useful in the community. These I plan to demonstrate my skills, and of course as someone with a scattering of dates on my CV it looks good if you are doing work while looking for PAYE work.

In line with my practice I am developing two major projects of my own including

1. The Arts Building (while networking I was offered to apply for some sponsorship!) for the 25th Anniversary of the Arts Building.

2. Transactions – Please Keep This Receipt For Your Records. A research and development piece with the long term outcomes of works to perform, exhibit and develop.

I am also invited to work on a fantastic arts project which I cannot say anything about yet.. so watch this space!

Celebrated on the 29th May the 15 Years of being free of Mental Hospital and out of the psychosis. Applying for some payments to assist with my mobility and of course however difficult it is I am working as an artist and in the community. I could not have achieved as much as I have without the help and hope and support of loved and loyal ones.

Many folk have betrayed me, abused me but I am standing upright with dignity, and while going through some challenging situations, just as a lot of people are, the difference being that I do not cause unwarranted challenge to others.

I do have an issue of censorship regarding my mental health and a UCS campaign. The narrative of my story to support the photograph that I signed off was altered rather a lot. The name of my disorder that made me reconsider my career options being psychosis was altered to the arbitrary “traumatic and life challenging events”. This Is Not Me.




On a usual weekend, Easter Bank Holiday Weekend, so much happened in one day to enrich my personal development with my disability. Firstly me and my darling Adam went to visit a friend from UCS Fine Art course, Ania who I studied alongside and who is creating an accomplished career with her profession as an artist.

Reality hit me hard later on that afternoon as we came across a nurse on the ward I was on in Rushmere Ward, St Clements. Andy Palmer. All the nurses are heroes in mental health and it is criminal how much ‘savings’ and ‘cutbacks’ have been detrimental to people like me who have suffered such tragic and hard suffering with mental ill health.

It means a great deal to have made such progress. I would not be here at this point in my life had I not come out of the severe psychosis that Andy brought me out of, using a technique using anger/frustration as a last resort.

On leaving hospital the services including Bridge House and Brooks House and the Social Enterprise on hospital grounds, all led to my development to study a Return To Study Course at Suffolk College and then to the studies in Fine Art. I was unsure of myself, scared, adjusting to life outside hospital, trying to understand social situations and communication with all sorts of different people and situations never mind ideas for art projects, that came much later.

I am happy and proud of my degree, and it has never ever been out of my thoughts of the assistance for living while ill on benefits due to my severe diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder.

As you can imagine, tears flowed as Adam held me in the aisle of Waitress in the marmalade section feeling overwhelmed with memories and horrific ones at that. A state of confusion and horror filled me along with joy and relief with some sort of disbelief and pride at the moment as I realised that moment in time had become an historical monumental moment in my life in such an ordinary environment. At one time, that may well have never happened had it not been for the amazing nursing skills of all the nurses on the ward, especially, Andy.

My response as an artist was to make a vlog. It is imperative I am seen to say these observations as many have bullied me, labeled me, insulted me, conspired against me, made false criminal accusations against me. Also it was important for people who have stood by me, who feel proud of me and feel happy to know me and support me, every day is harder than most due to the level of de-realisation I have to battle against every moment.

here is my vlog Part One:


International Nurses Day is 12th May 2015 yes, that includes Mental Health Nursing.


Preparing all my equipment and materials ready as I am looking forward to a great time in my studio tomorrow, it will be a big session of organising items for storage. And creating space for some works for the Open Studios for creating and exhibiting.

Having works to develop and work on during the next few weeks will be exciting and it will be reminding me it is not only about the tax, income and sales its about creating and investigating and preparing.

Tonight I created a work which is political and tacky placky playful with words as the political campaign occurs around this time leading up to many hopes, needs, and budgets met, though all about smear campaigns, deliciously tempting promises … much of what is said is just that, said..

As an Artist supporting Bob And Roberta Smith and all the Arts campaigners, prompting me to even consider putting myself forward!!! I strongly believe that Art is a necessary, its the best thing about Britain, without it there would be no business in Britain. Even Bankers invest in Art!!!! ALOT!!!



Arts are a vital part of learning and being creative. Its about not being afraid of what you have to offer and young people NEED that!!!