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Champ, HEY! TEACHER! – a workshop in methods of alternative education at Assembly Bristol, Thursday 8 June 2017. Photo: Rich Broomhall.
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Pictures of… a-n Assembly events

Talks, tours, seminars, workshops, DIY building, chopping, cooking, eating: just some of the activities undertaken by artists at a-n’s Assembly events throughout May and June 2017. Here we pull together a collection of images from the events in Margate, Liverpool, Bristol, Newcastle and Leeds.

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Michael Armitage. Photo:  George Darrell/White Cube, 2017
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A Q&A with… Michael Armitage, painter

Michael Armitage’s vivid and dreamlike paintings are currently on show in his solo exhibition ‘Peace Coma’ at Turner Contemporary in Margate. The Kenyan-born but London-based artist talked to Fisun Güner about how his East African heritage has influenced his work, along with his interest in Western art history and the works of post-Impressionist painter Paul Gauguin in particular.

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Jonathan Baldock and Emma Hart, Love Life, Act II, 2017. Installation view at Grundy Art Gallery. Photo: Ian Brown.
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A Q&A with… Emma Hart, artist with an eye on the domestic

Made with the artist Jonathan Baldock, the collaborative touring exhibition, ‘Love Life’, takes Punch and Judy as a reference point for exploring the tensions and frustrations of modern domestic life. Emma Hart, winner of the 2015-17 Max Mara Art Prize for Women, talks about the themes of the show prior to her solo Max Mara exhibition at Whitechapel Gallery.

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There There performing Text HOME at Experimentica in Cardiff (2014), having unpacked a single carry-on bag. Photo: Adam Chard
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Making rent, making work: the strapped for cash art

One half of the London-based performance company There There with Dana Olărescu, Bojana Janković argues that the economic pressures more and more artists face are ultimately shaping the kind of work that gets made, especially by emerging artists, with profound and long-term consequences.

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