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Opening event at Live Art Development Agency's new home, The Garrett Centre. Photo: George Hunt
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Live Art Development Agency: new space provides a context for collaboration

The recent relocation of the Live Art Development Agency to a former Unitarian mission in Bethnal Green heralds a significant new chapter for the organisation, with new commissions, two ‘thinkers in residence’, and a search for local collaborators. Lydia Ashman finds out more from its co-founder and director Lois Keidan.

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Julie Johnstone, fixed|unfixed, Essence Press, 2017. An ongoing project creating 25mm badges as wearable publications
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Artists’ Books #25: Small Publishers Fair at London’s Conway Hall

This week, London’s Conway Hall is host to the Small Publishers Fair, an annual celebration of books by contemporary artists, writers, composers, book designers, and their publishers. Sarah Bodman previews the event, which runs from 10-11 November, and highlights the work of the artists involved.

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