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The Art Coach

The Art Coach http://Www.theartcoach.org International Coach, available for 1:1 Consultations over Zoom. Professional support to improve your confidence, boost productivity, start or progress your Practice/Business. This support can take you to the next level, no matter which stage of your […]

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Job Selling

We are recruiting new artists

Multi-Award-Winning Laura I. Art Gallery is recruiting 15 new artists to represent and sell their art.


Valuing artwork for insurance purposes

Hello, Looking for some advice. I am entering a competion which will exhibit the selected artworks, with an option to sell the artwork if I so wish, with 50% commission charged. If selected, my artwork will be insured by the […]

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Job Art vacancies

Gallery Intern

Intern wanted to assist at an exhibition in August between 16th and 22nd August. Location: Deptford, London.

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Connectivity V

The short animation titled Creative Abstracts is my artist’s response to numerous virtual art workshops carried during the COVID Pandemic at the mental health hospital. The abstract visionaries with no references are inspired by the fluid environment offered by ‘The […]

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CONNECTIVITY IV Clay, Words and Fragility Artist response to the online art workshops. The fragility of words and connection, emotions and creativity. How I see the online relationship with participants through technology often stops at the middle of an important […]

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Balls still in the air for COP26

So hard to keep the steam going on this one. We were rejected by the Government for our application to COP26. Next conversations, find out how The Barn are getting on. A great partnership for future work. I spoke to […]

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