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location permission

Hi Please can you tell me if you need location permission/agreement/release forms for generation of artwork on private property if they have invited you? Also how about for photography, perhaps used in the research or incorporated as layer in multimedia […]

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Manhattan Mid War ‘Deco’

Straight after the Empire State, I had a full on day visiting 1930s skyscrapers in downtown Manhattan. Next up was the New Yorker Hotel, which fitted as did many in this wedding cake tiered style of design, with larger building […]

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New York, New York!

I visited New York and Miami over the last two weeks, and made the very most of every moment whilst I was there, so I am writing these blog posts on reflection. This is also helping me process everything I […]

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Untitled blog post from "macro & micro"

Distance is one of the most important and overlooked aspects of making art: once I have created an image I need to separate myself to enable viewing it with fresh eyes. Following an intense period of image development (video and […]

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Simon Carter's studio in Frinton-on-Sea, Essex. Photograph by Lucy Cox.
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Painters Today Podcast

Produced by Lucy Cox and recorded in art studios, Painters Today is a monthly podcast dedicated to painting that aims to promote and archive the lives, opinions and practices of contemporary British artists.

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Let it go!

I am carrying on making art using primarily 2 different processes. The first is using my usual photo montage technique, but then ripping the image up, collaging it on to a surface and then painting within it. The second way […]

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Neil Zakiewicz 'Clay Work' wood, terracotta 77×40×40cm, 2018 photography by Andy Keate
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Now Showing #270: The week’s top exhibitions

Five recommended shows from across the UK, including Zena Blackwell’s paintings of family life at MADE, Cardiff; Neil Zakiewicz’s sculptures at Domo Baal, London; and Emma Hart’s ceramic road signs at Fruitmarket, Edinburgh.

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Nicola Naismith, Artists in Leadership, from an ongoing project A folder called slogans, 2017/18. Courtesy: The artist
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Artists on boards: a guide to becoming a trustee or board member

Joining a board can provide artists with a voice in the decision making room and a way to steer the arts agenda. Nicola Naismith explores what’s involved, and hears from artists and their fellow board members about the important contribution artists can make and why being a trustee matters.

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How important are rules?

Here I am after 11 days of this project and I am running up against a problem. It’s not the problem of lack of discipline: with a history of success in two year-long serial art projects in the bag I’m […]

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Not a very nice morning drizzly and wet, as I am leaving the house, I realise the shoes I’m wearing are not suitable for muddy woods so I we walk along the beach the tide is out. One of Fred’s […]

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Job Awards

Emergence Bursary

Four £1500 bursaries for emerging artists, with a practice rooted in the visual arts, who face disabling barriers.

Job Academic

Mountview MA in Site-Specific Theatre Practice

Mountview’s MA in Site-Specific Theatre Practice is provided in partnership with Shoreditch Town Hall. The first course of its kind in the UK, the MA is created and led by Geraldine Pilgrim, a leading practitioner in the creation of site-specific theatre and installations.