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Job Academic

‘AA2A Digital’ – Employability support package for students

Although we are unable to recruit a new intake of artists and designer makers for residencies in 2020-21, AA2A is offering Unis and Colleges a digital package, designed to encourage students to develop a career as creative practitioners


3 x Visual Artist Micro-Commissions for NHS Storytelling Project

The Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust are looking for three local visual artists to help creatively illustrate a local story about friendship and compassion as part of a wider NHS England oral histories archive cultural project in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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A urinal is a urinal is a urinal …?

Thursday and Friday afternoon were spent (re)photographing old artworks that I had either documented poorly or not at all. The photographs are definitely better than those that they replace though I am sure that could still be better.   I […]

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Job Competitions

Blue – short film callout

Cine-Sisters SW invite womxn resident in Devon/Cornwall to submit Shorts for inclusion in our launch at Plymouth Art Weekender 2020. There are only 3 rules: 1. it has to be no longer than 3 minutes, 2. It must respond to the theme: Blue, 3. It must be suitable for all audiences.

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Plague for Plague’s Sake Episode 2 – Abracadabra

The second episode of ‘Plague for Plague’s Sake’, which is available to watch here,  sees me use the word ‘abracadabra’ to ward off unhealthy spirits.  This video was created at the same time as the first episode. As such, similar […]

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Sending out a Parcel…

(well… four actually, but who’s counting?) I’m currently reading Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear, by Elizabeth Gilbert. I liked the bit about ideas having their own life, and looking for a person to collaborate with in order to be […]

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Making Masks.

This week I get my sewing machine back from my daughter and will be able to continue with the making side of this project. The masks are all ready to stitch together, with names sewn in by hand, but the […]

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An Obsession with Flowers

For part of my phd proposal, I want to look at rural locations and explore what this means in terms of fine art and domestic settings, particularly ones with an abuse of the power relationships, this is partly due to […]

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Job Collaborative projects

Raising The Bar Together (RTBT)

RTBT is an opportunity to discover new and inventive ways of working whilst informing the production of a best practice tool kit / event for artists, galleries and arts organisations to embrace disabled artists by removing unwittingly placed barriers to opportunities.


Advice about best camera phone for recording artwork

Can anyone advise on the best cameraphone for recording my artwork, both still images and short video clips, please? I’m currently using a Samsung Jsomething-or-other, which is ok quality but has the memory of a goldfish bred with a gnat! […]

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Job Open studios

Suffolk Artist Studios and Hot Desking

Artist Studios, Tech and Hot Desking Space available from October 2020, on site in our iconic 1950s former post office and telephone exchange building in Saxmundham, Suffolk.

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‘Landslag’: Tara Kennedy

Finally finished my piece which I have titled ‘Landslag’, the Icelandic word for landscape. Inspired by the continuing changeable and contrasting landscape that appeared to go on forever. It depicts all the colours of the landscape I experienced from the […]

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Job Exhibiting

Artists in Lockdown

Artists in Lockdown

An exhibition and auction of donated artworks in support of the NHS Hospital Charity, the Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals Charity (BSUH Charity)

Deadline extended till 26th September 2020

An exhibition and auction of donated artworks

Job Residencies

Ceramic Graduate Residency

Clay Shed is thrilled to launch a Graduate Residency programme to commence in October 2020. We will provide a recent graduate with a full-time studio space and access to communal facilities at a heavily subsidised cost.

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Untitled blog post from "Starting a blog for MA Fine Art"

These are my presentation slides and initial notes for September: Slide 1   Seeing Hertz – sculpture made in 2015, out of plasticine and electrical wires Digitally edited the photo with a black rectangle over the mouth The black rectangle […]

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