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Self | Cell paintings

Making art should be fun and there should be a playful element – no restrictions, few expectations, open experimentation. I decided to cut up some of the engravings and create collages (well, technically montages as no glue was involved), I […]

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Self | Cell engravings

Printing the engravings has revealed many new possibilities. The quality of the engraved lines is extraordinary, very much like a drypoint, with the ink not only collecting in the intaglio cut, but in the burr of the aluminium resulting a […]

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Research in Clay and AR for the Workshop 1

Preparation for the Workshop 1 Preparation for the first workshop was a real challenge regarding the idea development, experiments, and finalisation of the workshop plan. I realised that my routine at the Rochester Square studio follows the motto of my […]

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Wet Plate Collodion and Bromoil

Next to doing a Photo Polymer course with Martyn Grimmer at Spike Print Studios in Bristol I also attend one day workshops to try out a wider range of alternative and old photographic processes. One of them was on the […]

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SOLO EXHIBITION – Found Moments by Antonia Patricia Miller

FOUND MOMENTS ART EXHIBITION at Pop Up Brockley, 16-18 Brockley Cross Road, London, SE4 2AA Very excited to announce I will be having my very own solo exhibition at Pop Up Brockley. Original acrylic paintings and prints will be available […]

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New Painting: Peeking

Shying peeking out from their safe haven of purple protectiveness, aware of their brightness but not of their true beauty. Dare they fully announce themselves to the day? Only time will tell. Peeking (mixed media on canvas, 12x16cm) available

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Event Exhibition


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  • Venue:
    Royal Geographical Society
  • From:
    November 15, 2023
  • To:
    November 28, 2023
  • Location:
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There is a long list of things that require attention … and plenty of material that I want to play with … yet I find the need to write something here and now most urgent … most pressing … most […]

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Job Courses


The Other MA (TOMA) is an 18-month artist-run learning programme based in Southend-on-Sea supporting artists who have faced barriers accessing art education and the ‘art world’.

Job Art vacancies

Associate Curator | For a curator from the global majority

The Associate Curator will be an integral role within the Primary programme team, working collaboratively to shape our work. They will take an active role in the decision-making processes of the organisation, supporting the delivery of our wider programme in 2024/25.

Job Professional Development


Primary wishes to develop our Board to ensure we realise our mission and aims. We are inviting expressions of interest for new Trustees to join us, bringing diverse expertise to our Board and to the organisation.

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Drawing How I Feel

It’s been slower than I hoped getting going with this residency, but I think the Happy Pills are starting to do their magic and I’m feeling more motivated to get off the sofa and do some work. This is my […]

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Six degrees of Separation . Part 2

The brief for the work going to Athens, was that it was to be on paper, maximum size A4 and light. I made sure all of ‘my’ artists adhered to that.  Some, unfortunately, thought they were exempt from such strict […]

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