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Birth Rites Collection Summer School 2024

The Birth Rites Collection Summer School is back. This year’s Summer School will take place at the University of Kent, Canterbury, United Kingdom from July 1–4, 2024

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When the show ends …

It’s a strange feeling when the doors close for the final time on an exhibition. How should we feel ? Elated ? Sad ? Relieved ?  Was there a great sense of achievement ? I have a few mixed feelings […]

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Untitled blog post from "Keeping It Going"

Today’s been a typical Bank Holiday Monday weather-wise, with continuous rain falling pretty much all day. I postponed plans to do some gardening and instead, focused on my creative work – and specifically, this blog. It’s great to have over […]

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Job Professional Development

‘One to One’ Artist Development & Tutorial Sessions

Either as on-going tutorials or one off ‘deep-dive’s, these sessions are designed to give you the skills and confidence to progress as an artist, within a relaxed and welcoming studio environment.

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Looking around…

And moving on.. I’m still basking in a bit of glory, it is wise to do so I think, when the occasion calls for it, and will be doing so at least until the presentation of my new full membership […]

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A bit of self-justification

I tell myself (and anyone who might listen) that I’m not a natural blogger and that I find writing about myself very difficult.  True.  However … social media have taken over the world and and and I hate to say […]

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