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Lego Rotating UV Laser

Now I’m in the swing of posting blog posts, and I’m probably going to be told off for posting about the ‘Happy Colour’ painting by numbers app, let’s have a look at some of the actual work I’ve been doing. […]

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Job Art vacancies


East Street Arts is looking for someone with a real passion and dedication for supporting artists that experience barriers to opportunities.

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Coronas of light

This work makes reference to the cycle and vital processes of being human which are marked by a series of rituals that help us to reconnect with age old customs within our daily lives.
Acrylic paint on paper.

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Travellers on The Urban Margins

Now that we are able to meet in person again, we have taken our exploration back to the streets. We are ‘travellers on the urban margins’ inspired by the drifts of the Situationists, we wander along our regular routes, trying […]

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Against the proposal for a 50% funding cut to arts subjects?

This proposal will discourage many talented people from doing art subjects.  This is a really short sighted move, not valuing the arts. There is this petition that can be signed. https://www.campaignforthearts.org/petitions/stop-the-50-percent-funding-cut-to-arts-subjects-in-higher-education/   C  

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Event Exhibition

Ghost Weight Experience

  • Coming soon
  • Venue:
    Coleman Project Space, 12 - 6 pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and by appointment
  • From:
    May 21, 2021
  • To:
    June 13, 2021
  • Location:
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Light trails and flash photography

The 2021 lockdown restrictions have thrown out my intended plan of work on my project. The photographic studio I found was closed, the sound recording was closed and I felt this project was so much about a human, a dancer, […]

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Into The Deep

Day Two, Awareness Centred Deep Listening Online Course…another amazing day full of absolute gems of information. So much, that I need to rest even further to be able to digest everything. All I can say at this point is always […]

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Playing in the white cube

    A day at the new studio* playing with some of the shirt cuffs that Elena Thomas sent to me last year (two years ago?) made real the possibilities of working differently there. The clean space, the good lighting, […]

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