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Value of Self, not Self-Indulgent

The congratulations still streaming in, I’m actually starting to believe it now. It is a weird process… or it was for me… Having given up my salary and my proper job, I was highly motivated to get this right. And […]

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Biting the hand that feeds at Stoke’s Artist Soup Kitchen

Former a-n director Susan Jones will be sharing evidence gathered through a-n/AIR’s Paying Artists campaign over a hearty lunch of vitamin-rich soup at Stoke-on-Trent’s AirSpace Gallery, the latest event in a series of talks and workshops.

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Paying artists

Collected resources that aid good practice and terms of reference for valuing artists’ contributions to the arts within society.

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Local authorities face 6.7% cut to arts budgets, says survey

This year’s Arts Development UK survey of local authority arts investment shows the number of authorities with no direct arts service continues to grow, while budgets are once again on the decrease in real terms.

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Resource Document

Sample fees and day rates for visual artists 2014-15

Provides a framework for artists’ fees and charges for work such as commissions, residencies, community projects and gallery education, that reflects artists’ career stage, experience level and overheads.

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artists work 2013 cover
Resource Research paper

Artists’ work in 2013

Susan Jones’ analysis and commentary of Artists’ work in 2013 uses data drawn from a-n.co.uk/jobs to track current trends in artists’ employment.

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Code of Practice 2012

Good practice portfolio

Key resources and tools from across this site that talk about the principles and practical application of good practice

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Marina Abramovic. Image: Vimeo screengrab
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Abramović method: the unpaid volunteer is present

Marina Abramović’s New York-based institute for performance art is looking for experienced applicants for some key part-time roles. But there’s a catch – you need to be able to commit to two or more days a week and not expect to get paid.

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Should publicly-funded galleries have a published exhibitions policy?

As part of the Paying artists advocacy materials I am researching examples of openly-published exhibition policies on the websites for publicly-funded galleries. I have come across some – for example fabrica.org.uk/info-for-artists/exhibiting/ and www.g39.org/cgi-bin/website.cgi?place=infomation  that provide some useful information. I thought […]

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Resource Research paper

Brief history of Exhibition Payment Right

Provides a historical context of the Payment to Artists for Exhibition of Work scheme implemented by the (then) Arts Council of Great Britain in 1979.

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Resource Research paper

Paying Artists Research: Literature and Approaches Review

A short paper that briefly reviews some of the existing literature – research, resources and approaches to artists’ terms and conditions in exhibition practice – which have been referenced or provided useful context and comparison for the Paying Artists Study.

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Paying artists related texts
Resource Research paper

Paying artists: Related texts

Dany Louise collates material that is being widely shared across social media and peer networks to provide fascinating insights around the broad topic of payment of and working conditions for freelance arts professionals, complementing the more traditional Literature review that has been produced by DHA.

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