As part of its Summer 2019 season exploring the future world of work and our place within it, FACT in Liverpool is hosting a discussion event looking specifically at the precarious nature of work in the visual arts.

Taking place on Tuesday 30 July 2019, 6-8pm, Precarity in the Arts will focus on a-n’s Paying Artist Campaign as the starting point for discussion. Launched in 2014, the campaign aims to secure payment for artists who exhibit in publicly-funded galleries.

For the event, a-n’s CEO Julie Lomax will be joined by north west-based artists including Kevin Hunt and Emily Speed. Both artists have played a key role in developing and advocating for the campaign.

Hunt was one of eleven Paying Artists Regional Advocates who helped to ensure that the campaign message was heard during the run up to the General Election in 2015. A sculptor who uses redundant and found objects to create minimal structures, he is a former director of artist-led gallery, studio and social workspace The Royal Standard in Liverpool.

Alongside her practice, which explores the body and its relationship to architecture, Speed is also a member of the a-n Board. Her a-n blog Getting Paid which ran from 2009-14, highlighted some of the issues facing artists “trying to make a living out of this business…”

Precarity in the Arts takes place on Tuesday 30 July 2019, 6-8pm at FACT, Liverpool.

Tickets for the event are free, but must be booked. See to book your place.

Relay race place around Bristol’s arts organisations as part of the Paying Artists Regional Advocates programme in 2015.

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