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Transparency template

Guidance for organisations on how to shape policy statements on Exhibition Payment. Produced in support of a-n/AIR’s Exhibition Payment Guide, which calls for organisations to be transparent in their working practices with artists by publishing clear and transparent payment information.

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Research papers Artists work in 2016
Resource Research paper

Artists work in 2016

Analysis of data drawn from a-n’s Jobs and opps site over the calendar year of 2016 along with commentary on the current conditions for artists’ practice in the UK.

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Alistair Gentry wearing an 'artist's costume' for Venice Agendas: The Contract commission. Courtesy: Alistair Gentry
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Working for free: what’s to like?

Artists are often asked to work for free in return for exposure via social media likes and audience praise, so for a recent commission (paid) Alistair Gentry decided to walk around Folkestone dressed in a cliched ‘artist’s costume’ asking other types of worker if they’d do the same. Perhaps unsurprisingly, they weren’t particularly keen.

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Champ, HEY! TEACHER! – a workshop in methods of alternative education at Assembly Bristol, Thursday 8 June 2017. Photo: Rich Broomhall.
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Pictures of… a-n Assembly events

Talks, tours, seminars, workshops, DIY building, chopping, cooking, eating: just some of the activities undertaken by artists at a-n’s Assembly events throughout May and June 2017. Here we pull together a collection of images from the events in Margate, Liverpool, Bristol, Newcastle and Leeds.

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There There performing Text HOME at Experimentica in Cardiff (2014), having unpacked a single carry-on bag. Photo: Adam Chard
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Making rent, making work: the strapped for cash art

One half of the London-based performance company There There with Dana Olărescu, Bojana Janković argues that the economic pressures more and more artists face are ultimately shaping the kind of work that gets made, especially by emerging artists, with profound and long-term consequences.

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Juan Bolivar: 'Geometry Wars', solo exhibition at John Hansard gallery, 2008. Photograph: Steve Shrimpton. Courtesy: Juan Bolivar
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A guide for new curators 

Juan Bolivar, an artist and curator, explores the history and practice of curating, and provides ten key questions for independent curators and artists to help guide you in developing your first exhibitions. Bolivar’s painting practice runs parallel to his curating practice; first initiating TRAILER (2001-05) – an artist collective utilising temporary locations to stage exhibitions – and since, going on to curate over 40 exhibitions as an independent curator.

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a-n 2017 General Election Artists’ Toolkit
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2017 General Election Artists’ Toolkit

Advocacy toolkit to support a-n members to make the case for visual art and artists in the run up to the 2017 General Election on 8 June. Provides key messages, ideas for communicating and a sample letter.

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