a-n The Artists Information Company (a-n) has made 15 significant new appointments to its Artists Council: Judith Alder, Diana Ali, Shaun C Badham, Maurice Carlin, Holly Davey, Rachel Dobbs, George Gibson, Jerome Ince-Mitchell, Jasleen Kaur, Bethan Lloyd Worthington, CJ Mahony, Hetain Patel, Antonio Roberts, Giles Round and Glen Stoker.

Artists Council is an important advisory group for a-n and helps to put the issues that matter most to artists in the public eye, such as the Paying Artists Campaign.

Artists Council works with the Board and Executive of a-n, meeting four times a year. During its three-year term it will focus on:

  • Leadership – specifically the leadership development of artists, the promotion of artists as influencers and the development of influential and impactful artist networks across the UK.
  • Advocacy – engaging with and input to a-n’s advocacy strategy and related projects.
  • Artist Livelihoods – drawing on their experience as artists and that of their professional networks, to contribute to a-n member and sector research, advocacy, programme and service development.

Jayne Knight, a-n Chair said: “a-n’s mission has never been more important. These new appointments will build on a-n’s bold, dynamic work, ensuring that we are relevant and far reaching, creating the right programmes for our members and having a major, positive impact on the visual arts ecology.”

Julie Lomax, CEO added: “We are really excited by the opportunity of working with such a dynamic and diverse group. These artists, at different stages in their careers, collectively bring valuable skills and experiences to a-n. a-n was set up by artists for artists and we want to make sure that artists continue to drive the organisation.”

Peter Heslip, Director of Visual Arts at Arts Council England said: “Arts Council England values the role that a-n The Artists Information Company plays in championing artists and supporting their careers. As each generation of artists is faced with an evolving set of challenges and opportunity, it seems right that the representative Artists Council changes to reflect these concerns and needs. Giving voice to all types of people, I believe this new cohort of Council members will make a valuable contribution to the work of a-n and to the wider visual arts ecology and we look forward to working with them and the team at a-n.”

Artist, Judith Alder said: “As someone who has experienced and continues to navigate the many challenges of developing a career as an artist, I have benefited for many years from the wide-ranging support offered by a-n and I am thrilled now to join a-n’s Artists Council. I feel privileged to represent artists from my personal networks and beyond and to have a voice in the future planning of an organisation which puts artists absolutely at the heart of everything it does.”

Artist, CJ Mahony said: “a-n is a catalyst for activism and advocacy, which are vital to ensuring a better future for the arts. I am joining the Council in the hope that I can help build on the legacy of the previous Artists Council, who have shaped and delivered projects that have raised awareness and had a significant impact on best practices in the arts.”

a-n is the largest artists’ membership organisation in the UK with over 24,000 members. It supports artists and those who work with them in practical ways acting on behalf of its membership and the visual arts sector to improve artists’ livelihoods.

a-n offers a range of memberships for artists, organisations, students and higher education and supports its members in developing their practice with a wide range of professional development opportunities. a-n.co.uk/join.

For more information on a-n Artists Council visit: a-n.co.uk/about/a-n-artists-council/

(l-r) a-n Artists Council 2019: Giles Round, Shaun C Badham, Diana Ali, Glen Stoker, Bethan Lloyd Worthington, Antonio Roberts, George Gibson, Maurice Carlin, Judith Alder, Jerome Ince-Mitchell, CJ Mahony, Holly Davey, and Hetain Patel. Photo: Joel Chester Fildes.

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