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An outline of our walks together

My Walks My walks have an element of Forest Bathing it is true, I have grown to need the whole woodland experience. The feeling of walking through the forest is very important. Not walking around it, looking at it from […]

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Open Studio…

There are times when the weather cannot deter me from travelling to and being in the studio. I am a woman on a mission and things need to get done and I need to be there to do them.  And […]

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Knowing my status

I have long admired, and been more than a little envious of, artists who are able to gather their practice around a single word, phrase, or concept. Not only does this concise summary of a practice ease communication but in […]

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Inlet and outlet

How the river flows in and out, how we use this in our industry and how it feels when we swim.

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Copyright Issues

Hi. I have a situation I am seeking a bit of advice on. My mother Amelia Hastings (now deceased) was a professional artist and many years ago was commissioned by Rohald Dahl to do a portrait of his daughter who […]

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