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The Place of Erasure in Artistic Production

Part of my research during the residency has been to explore the place of ‘erasure’ and ‘negation’ within artistic activity and within the art work that is researched and created. Within my work, the Everyday is translated and experienced through […]

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Blogger Q&A: Paul Eastwood, vernacular futurist

Paul Eastwood uses video, writing and drawing to conjure things into existence, framing art as a form of social production and cultural storytelling. Throughout last year he worked on the ambitious project Dyfodiaith, which saw him create a new hybrid language from the Brythonic vernacular. Richard Taylor finds out more.

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A Short History of Faux Flowers on Graves

The only imitation is to nothingness – and the mockery of being alive. Upon reading Emil Cioran’s ‘Directions for Decomposition’ from A Short History of Decay, I am reminded of a piece I planned to write on a number of […]

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