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Metal pieces

A few days ago, I cut out 2 steel sheets, and folded / rolled them to create a 3 dimensional sculptures. I was just experimenting with the behaviour of the material. It behaved how paper would. At this point, I’m […]

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Job Art vacancies

ActionSpace is Recruiting New Trustees

ActionSpace is London’s leading visual arts organisation for artists with learning disabilities. We have big ambitions for the artists we work with and we are looking for Trustees that share our vision and and can help us grow.

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Group Tutorial Notes

Materialistic sculptures Minimalist MDF – DIY aesthetics Jumped the gun with the concept Actual work a lot to do with chance Abstraction with materials Make more drawings on Illustrator, doesn’t have to be translated into metal Minimalism, conceptualism Urbanisation Art […]

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Tried and Failed

Was attempting to blur an image I’d painted. My problem here was, I do not allow thinks to sit. I went back at it way to early, muddied the paints and made a pig’s ear of it. But that’s all […]

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Artist Mentor / Coach

I am looking for information on coaching / mentoring services for visual artists (in the Northwest). If anyone has information, recommendations or links to these resources I’d be grateful. Thanks.

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