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The last couple of weeks in particular at work, that is my paid work / employment, have led me think a lot about the artwork that I make and just how difficult it would be for anyone – individual, company, […]

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Job Exhibiting

Call out for Written Works

Call out for written works to be a part of a publication supporting the Bristol based exhibition ‘Vehicular Glare’ next month.

Job Commissions

Berwick Community Hospital Mobile Artwork

Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust are looking to enhance the new Berwick Community Hospital with a mobile sculpture to hang in the atrium near the reception and main entrance.


Programme and Communications Assistant

Are you ready to make a difference? We’re looking for an innovative Programme and Communications Assistant to join our dynamic team. We are the artists’ advocate. Join us as we embark on an exciting period of transformation and growth.

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New Painting: Sweeping Blossoms

Sweeping blossoms hide all the secret treasures of this private idyll as those stone steps invite you to satisfy your curiosity. Dare you peek into what lies beyond the darkness amongst those protective boughs? Sweeping Blossoms (mixed media on canvas […]

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