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The Installers – Involuntary México

An exhibition as large as Involuntary México, our show in México City’s Metro Hidalgo Station, cannot come together without the hard work, the sweat, of many people, many workers. Here are just some of them pictured with my long time […]

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Istanbul Biennial

Eva Kotátkova’s ‘Machine for Restoring Empathy’ installation. An autistic delegate’s perspective What must it be like to trust the universe to keep you upright? What is the cause of neurodivergent anxiety? These seemingly unconnected questions ricochet inside my head as I […]

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The weird out-of-body out-of-control feeling continues… There’s a sensory shortfall… I can’t quite see and I can’t quite hear… The air feels thick as I walk through it. I watch my hands draw. I watch my pencil binding those ever […]

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Please help

Please can someone help me? Have just enrolled fo  a-n insurance and need a copy of my insurance schedule to take with me to shows to prove I am insured. Can anyone tell me where I ought to be looking? […]

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Geometries - abstract collage with prepared papers
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It’s late

About being a disabled artist late in life

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