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Etymology chart of the English language designed to accompany Clark’s Practical Grammar (1847) “Speech is the body of thought.” Clark’s sentence diagrams (abstracted) Compared to some site visit photos from outside Magic Rock Brewery where I’ll be working on a […]

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Day 9: rugs re-remembered

I’ve been trying to remember and draw a Native American Kilim that hung on my Grandparents wall.  I remember it so clearly and yet I’ve been finding the details of it elusive. I thought I knew it but then found […]

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Fucking Boris Johnson

That Boris Johnson has been a right pain in the you know where, and not just politically, he’s really added some big delays to my project. I had lined up some fabulous interviews with women in local politics all of […]

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Insurance details

Hi As  a member of AN I have air insurance. At least I think that I do. I don’t remember updating it in 2019 and don’t know how to find out if it is active. The inquiry is prompted by  […]

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