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Any other Aphantasic creatives here?

This is a drawing my son did (in Paint!) when he was helping me mock up a gallery set up. The first speech bubble contains what he sees in his minds eye. The second is what I see/don’t see. If […]

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Next steps?

Hello good people, Lockdown has been a revelation for me in many respects, I have used every second of my time to keep pushing my work and its boundaries – and before this for sometime now I have been developing a […]

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Artist Art Fairs London

I am considering doing a London artist art fair in 2016 – ie representing myself; I know it’s a big financial investment – anyone have recommendations? Any good/bad experiences of particular fairs? Quality of work? I’m a professional artist/art educator, […]

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Dear A-N,

How far into the development of the new blog platform are we now? I had hoped, by now, that the thriving online community would have slowly trickled back… But they haven’t. This saddens me greatly, and I’m trying really hard […]

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