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AIR AIR activities

AIR Development summary

Committed to providing interaction amongst and representation for UK visual and applied artists, this is a summary of some of the key areas for development that AIR Artists’ Advisory Group has set out for the forthcoming period.

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Artist and ex-chair of AIR, Paul Scott

A history of AIR

How was AIR formed? What does the future hold? AIR’s former chair Paul Scott, who has been involved since day one, provides a timely insight.

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Rich White at the June AIR Salon
AIR AIR activities

AIR member interview: Rich White

Installation, photographic and multimedia artist Rich White discusses working for free, the public perception of artists and notions of ‘amateur’ and ‘professional’ in the visual arts.

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AIR AIR activities

Rosalind Davis on the new coalition

AIR member Rosalind Davis, mixed media painter and graduate from the RCA, discusses her thoughts on the new coalition government and how cuts to arts funding will affect her personally.

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Casualties arriving at Bastion by Chinook
AIR AIR activities

Bridging the gap

On 16 September 2009, David Cotterrell was invited to speak at the VAGA symposium Making the Case held at Tate Modern to an audience comprised of gallery and museum directors, commissioners, consultants and local government representatives.

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AIR AIR activities

Artists in Ireland

Artists’ employment status and livelihoods were the hot topics at a meeting that took place in August between Visual Arts Ireland’s Chief Executive, Noel Kelly and AIR advisers Elpida Hadzi-Vasileva, Sally Sheinman and Caroline Wright.

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