Representation for AIR members

The recommendations of the AIR Representation Working Group will be implemented, in order to provide effective consultation with and dialogue amongst members, identify campaigns and advocacy on key issues affecting their practice and ensure artists’ voices can be heard within policy-making.

Responding to artists' needs and aspirations

Research will be carried out to identify and negotiate an additional range of affordable additional benefits and professional services for AIR members, which respond to geographical and interest-group needs.

Artists on boards

We will actively seek and support artists’ representation on boards including on the regional Turning Point groups in England that are intended to define the future infrastructure for the visual arts in England. Provision of regular briefings on artists’ practice, working conditions and professional aspirations will be offered to artists sitting on boards or contributing to consultations.

Developing the AIR community

An additional strand will be developed within the artists’ events programme that already includes AIRTIME and Open dialogues, to provide more opportunities for artist-generated critical debate or think-tanks within locations or amongst interest-groups.

Partnerships with artists' organisations

Existing partnerships with ECA (European Council of Artists), DACS (Design and Artists Copyright Society) and Visual Arts UK will be consolidated, with active development of working partnerships on research and campaigns with other artists’ representative bodies including SAU, VAI, CARFAC and IAA prioritised.

Artists as experts

We aim to provide a point of contact for those who wish to consult with artists, locate artists with the level of experience they need as speakers and advisers for specific projects and by matching and cross-referencing this to the calendar or regional and national conferences and events, enable more artists to contribute as experts and opinion-formers to the arts.

Good practice

AIR will publish and disseminate a set of core good practice documents to ensure easy access and assimilation by artists as well as those who advise and employ them.

Consultation with government

We will seek ongoing discussion with government departments whose work interfaces with artists and with politicians, to ensure that the artist’s voice is heard and messages understood and acted on. This includes active involvement and input to discussions and consultation on the arts policies of political parties prior to and following a General Election.

Involvement in art and design

We will continue to make partnerships with universities for AIRTIME events that with input by AIR members to art and design professional practice course are designed to assist students to make the transition to professional artist and to know about AIR’s role in achieving this. November 2008. Updated: January 2010