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AiR Journey #2 – Begin with the End in Mind

      I set out with good intentions to write regular posts throughout this project and find I am lacking in this regard. I can make excuses such as juggling 4 school runs a day, then school holidays, 3 […]

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AiR Journey #1 – Start where you Are

I have a meeting in Taunton at 11am. According to Google maps, it’s a 2-hour drive. I follow the instructions dictated out loud by my phone the whole way ‘at the roundabout take the third exit and stay on the […]

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Paying Artists
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Paying Artists campaign: a journey from consultation to guidance

As a-n/AIR’s Paying Artists campaign prepares for the launch of its Exhibition Payment guide on Wednesday 12 October, we take a look at some of the key moments in the campaign’s history, highlighting the rich and varied dialogue with artists and the wider visual arts sector that has informed its recommendations.

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Recovery: strengthening me and my practice..

Whilst recovering from my hip replacement I have spent the time building a website, considering my practice, talking to my mentor and applying for funding. I have been able to spend time actually reading other people’s blogs, articles and dang […]

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tape sound waves

air movement

I use drawing as a site specific process to explore repetition, relationship and trace. I am about to research air movement and how it affects the landscape I would like to know if anyone already works in this area or if you can […]

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About AIR

Established by a-n as an integral part of a-n’s Artist membership for practising visual and applied artists, AIR identifies and explores issues that impact on artists’ practice.

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I’d spent a lot of time collecting data thus far and so decided to start combining elements and processing data by creating drawings in the studio. The data visually appeared topographical aesthetically speaking and captured both a micro and macro […]

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World Event Young Artists
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WEYA gives artists AIRTIME

AIRTIME, the fast-paced information and networking experience, is partnering with Nottingham’s WEYA festival in September.

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Artist fund proposed

An initiative by leading artists’ organisations aims to improve artists’ access to funding for their practice.

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