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Whilst recovering from my hip replacement I have spent the time building a website, considering my practice, talking to my mentor and applying for funding. I have been able to spend time actually reading other people’s blogs, articles and dang even the Guardian. For my sanity this definitely needs to continue!

I also had an epic fail when I tried to link my domain name,  to my new wix site…. (now temporarily not working) I was triumphant…. without relying on anyone else I followed on line instructions to the letter and managed DOH! to transfer it away from my domain provider and host. It now is with wix but remains  unseen unless I pay them more money….and I can’t transfer it back for 60 I’ve decided I’m in no hurry and I’ve learned my tec lesson: ALWAYS ask for help!

But here’s my new site which I am pleased with…

It’s been great to be able to have longer days (no school runs coz I can’t drive yet) to think in continuous streams of thought and I have upped my game in terms of expectations of my practice…

I am clear about what I do (and if I forget I can always look at my own website now) and that I need to spend some time researching specific lines of inquiry in order to underpin my practice.

so with this new strap line in place
I use drawing as a site specific process to explore repetition, relationship and trace.
I am prepared better to align future work and I am going to investigate

1 air movement and how it affects the landscape

2 resonance in the body

I am not a natural academic and am feeling a little apprehensive but with the guidance of a mentor who I will disclose later …(they are going to be challenging and exciting…) I will be able to find a method that suits my process and reflects who I am without trying to be something super clever and cerebral!