Kathryn Maguire
Kathryn Maguire is an Artist and freelance artist educator and curator. Kathryn Maguire works in London. She is currently studying a Masters in Sculpture in Royal College of Art, London. She holds a BA in Fine Art Sculpture from CCAD and MA in Art in the Contemporary World from NCAD. Her practice engages text, sculpture, video, installation; making diverse cultural references linking past with contemporary; seeking to highlight potentiality in historic moments. Increasingly, her work engages processes of making, informed by her earlier training as jewellery-maker and sculptor. Current practice engages questions arising in the Greek Philosophers and an understanding of materials as means to both artistic production and revealing of laws in the Physical World. Using performance as ‘survey/workshop/lab’ a connection between artist and scientist is explored; creating and presenting demonstrative elements in the gallery and the field. Often an expert is involved, a source of knowledge rooted in real scientific phenomena. Attempts to reveal fundamental and invisible forces and energies, explored by scientists and experts alike, is central to Maguire’s practice. London