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Who holds the Copyright!

As a photographer I’ve been commissioned to take an image of an artists original artwork. Under normal circumstances the artist holds the copyright in the original artwork and I, as the photographer, hold the copyright in my image. However, the […]

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Contract woes!

Back in 2013 I did a series of illustrations for a local author who was wanting to self publish her children’s book.  I drew up a contract for her license to use the images which was valid for five years.  […]

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News News feature

Artists and copyright: “Everything is a remix”

Jerwood Visual Arts commences its 10th anniversary year with an exhibition that explores how copyright legislation impacts on the work artists make. Pippa Koszerek speaks to Common Property curator Hannah Pierce and two of the commissioned artists, Owen G. Parry and Antonio Roberts.

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Blog Post

Respect – The homeless to Rauschenberg

As the year comes to a close in a frenzy of alcohol fuelled commercialism, which most of us either fortunately or unfortunately get dragged into each festive season, I would like to consider two things: artists’ copyright and the plight […]

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Legal guides

Legally-sound guidance on contracts, copyright and the law. Includes links to The Artists Contracts Toolkit – an interactive resource to build your own contract and gain understanding of clauses and terms.

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