Artist Statement Questioning oneself, one’s actual being, one’s intellect, one’s desires and disappointments, ones place in this complex, cultural political social order, is at the core of my current practice. So, although my work from an external view point appears political, social, even overtly sexual, it is in fact a personal journey, a personal exploration of the conflict of functioning within, what I would describe, ‘this extremely complex world’. My work, I hope, allows the internal and subconscious to flourish, and find a place where others can share the experience and find their own meanings and narratives. Further, travelling and working in Europe, North America, India and Australasia are central to adding to the personal narrative that goes into making my work. And although not always easy to pin down, it is this personal story which has been the key in developing a multi-faceted way of working; from painting, through prints, to the use of video, sound and words. My work is conceived from single incidents or echoes found in our society, which evolves into series of works held together by a single theme. The results look to change space within the picture fame and beyond through juxtaposition and visual displacement. Education 1994 University of Northumbria - MA Fine Art 1992 University of Durham - PGCE 1984 Sunderland Polytechnic - BA (Hon) Fine Art (2-1) 1981 Sunderland Polytechnic - Foundation Studies, Art & Design