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Bird and Wind Drawings

This summer I’m experimenting with non human drawings. Paper is taped to a hanging tray and a pen placed above that in free movement. The tray is loaded with enticing bird treats. The wind and the birds make the drawings.

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Goodbye Shed, thanks for all the fun!

It’s hard to look forward at the moment. The things we used to do, if we are still able to do them at Christmas, will be done in a very different way. Impossible to predict which things we will return […]

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Running with an idea … or two

On my run this morning I found myself thinking about the large street-facing window of the gallery where I will be showing later this year. The gallery is at a traffic-light controlled crossing, the pavement is particularly narrow in front […]

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Final Call for Flask Publication Issue 1

Flask (noun): A special container that keeps liquids hot or cold.

Jug, beaker, canteen, carafe, chalice, decanter, urn, alembic, ampulla, caster..…

Call it what you want but a flask is a flask!

Job Exhibiting

Flea Circus Magazine

Flea Circus Magazine is looking for submissions for the theme “Little Victories.” It can be painting. drawing, photography, poetry, or anything visual you can think of.


Guidelines for re-opening artist studios?

Our council-run studio building was closed eight weeks ago for lockdown and, this week, the five resident artists have been told it will continue to remain closed for an unspecified period, for safety reasons, and a padlock has been put […]

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