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Drawing workshop

Today, our lecturers Jane Watt and Susan Barnet prepared a workshop called drawing as a way of thinking, where we created drawings according to our practice/ideas etc. I enjoyed the process and realised how messy my mind could be, but […]

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CUBE exhibition projection

After playing with my projection and a tutorial at uni, I realised that I could project my work on other surfaces than just leaving it as it is. I got inspired by the work of Jane Watt and her WASH […]

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The Perspective Paradox – Patrick Hughes

Hang-Up Gallery proudly presents a solo show by British artist and inventor of ‘reverspective’ Patrick Hughes, celebrating sixty-years since his first exhibition and twenty-five years living and working in East London.

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Job Collaborative projects

Artist Call Out: Opportunity to transform Community Drug and Alcohol Services

We welcome applications for artists to work with Service Users to lead a project on transforming our premises. We will commission an artist to work with our staff & Service Users to create artworks which help our spaces convey greater value, care & support better outcomes.

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September Fieldnotes

Unseasonal weather this month, extremely warm and dry. Often the walks on the moss were under cloudless skies. The air heavy and still and the water levels very low. Heather was in full bloom and the trees are beginning to […]

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