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learnings made from making the sketch

it struck me today how the 4 week duration of the meanwhile space is going to fly by.  there isn’t much room to hang about  – massive pun unintended. fitted in another visit late late last week.  in it i […]

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Freud Museum The museum was Freud’s final home. His study room was famous for his psychoanalytic couch, and I found out he died in the same room. The rooms upstairs were an exhibition space, currently exhibiting 1920/2020: Freud and Pandemic. […]

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Untitled blog post from "Keeping It Going"

It’s nearly five months since I’ve written here which means that it’s five months since someone responded to one of my tweets in which I  promoted my last blog post, alongside the image above (a detail from my ‘Sweet Nothings’ […]

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pottery tutor

Surrey Adult Learning is looking for a pottery tutor to teach in their thriving studio in Camberley