In May and June 2017 the a-n team will be out and about in five UK destinations, bringing together artists for a mixture of workshops, talks, get-togethers and much more.

The a-n Assembly programme has been developed alongside local artists and artist-focused host organisations. Resulting in a series of events that reflect this approach, each Assembly has a regional resonance that supports a-n’s members and local artist communities.

Each Assembly will take place over two days, and you can expect conversation, workshops, networking, debate, practical advice and guidance surgeries, artist-led tours and artist meals. You get to pick and mix what you’d like to attend!

Already a member? Then we want to hear from you. Come along and tell us how a-n can continue to connect artists with the things they need for a sustainable career. Not a member? Find out more about a-n’s latest research and advocacy campaigns including the newly published Paying Artists guidelines and the whole range of services that a-n has to offer.

For further information on events in each location, click on the squares below. The programme for each location will be released six weeks in advance of the event.