a-n Assembly returned in 2018 with events in 4 new UK destinations. The a-n team travelled to Salford, Birmingham, Dundee and Cardiff bringing together artists for a mixture of workshops, talks and get-togethers.

Building on the approach from 2017, a-n Assembly continued to be led by locally based artists. The result was a series of events with a regional resonance that supported a-n’s members and local artist communities.

The day-long events, focussed on a chosen theme, with a mixture of conversation, workshops, artist-led tours, networking and debate. Participants also got to hear from a-n about the practical ways it is working to improve artists’ livelihoods.

Through the Assembly events a-n supported artists to lead debate on and open up discussion on a range of topics. For more information on the programme for each of these events click on the squares below, and for news and reports from the events see the Assembly tag.