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How would you convey the essence of your Collective? How do your collective endeavours settle in the world and beyond? How do you work symbiotically through differences and challenges?

The term Potpourri with its paradoxical meanings seems an apt provocation. The common meaning ascribed to it now is a medley of spices and dried petals used to perfume a room but it wasn’t always so. We are looking for Collectives that question, investigate, compromise, experiment and evolve using creative processes as an active method of experimenting and making together. We welcome all submissions that embrace the paradoxes of collective practices.

Image: Pragya Bhargava

The project aims to spark conversations between Collectives, to illuminate vital art activity that is below the institutional radar and to interrogate and celebrate collective art practices. The publication will enable communication, sharing of ideas, creating opportunities for collaboration and exploring what it means to be a Collective in these current times.

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