Jane and Louise Wilson: “Having space to nurture a practice is really important”

British artists Jane and Louise Wilson began working collaboratively in the late 1980s when studying at different art colleges in Newcastle and Dundee…

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Next steps: The Centre for International Women Artists (CIWA)

In this profile, Ellen Wilkinson speaks to artist, designer and writer Mei Yuk Wong of  Manchester-based supportive network The Centre for Internati…

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Next steps: Caraboo Projects

In this profile, Ellen Wilkinson speaks to Jenny Male, Phil Root and Felicia Cleveland Stevens of Bristol-based Caraboo Projects.
Collective action h…

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Next steps: Shy Bairns

In this profile, Ellen Wilkinson speaks to Izzy Kroese of Manchester-based Shy Bairns.
Collective action hit the art headlines at the end of 2019 when…

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Student art: “Sincerity is in, glib humour out”

As Brexit gives way to Covid-19 as the defining factor shaping all our futures, Chris Sharratt asks lecturers and course leaders about the kind of art…

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Class of 2020: Lydia Makin

BA Fine Art, Slade School of Fine Art, London final-year student Lydia Makin speaks to Isaac Nugent.

“I’m trying to find something through the pr…

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Class of 2020: Charlotte Guérard

BA Fine Art Painting, University of Brighton final-year student Charlotte Guérard speaks to Kitty Bew.

“The painting becomes an object or an archi…

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Class of 2020: Jack McElroy

BA(Hons) Fine Art, Sculpture and Environmental Art, Glasgow School of Art final year student Jack McElroy speaks to Jamie Limond.
“It’s about maki…

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Class of 2020: Rithika Pandey

BA Fine Art: Painting, Drawing and Printmaking, Carmarthen School of Art, Coleg Sir Gar.
Rithika Pandey says of her work:
“I am yearning for a spiri…

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Class of 2020: Preeti Shannon Tak

BA Fine Art, The Cass, London Metropolitan University final-year student Preeti Shannon Tak speaks to India Nielsen.
“I am fascinated by the genetic…

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Class of 2020: Archie Brooks

BA (Hons) Fine Art final-year student at Leeds Arts University Archie Brooks speaks to Joanna Byrne.
“I feel like my work creates a lot of anxiety.…

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Class of 2020: Jemma Jelf

BA Fine Art, MIMA School of Art and Design, Middlesbrough.
Jemma Jelf is interested in how we represent ourselves sexually and the way that attitudes …

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Class of 2020: Gwyneth Machin

BA Sculpture, Edinburgh College of Art.
Working with materials such as plaster, soil and paper, Gwyneth Machin focuses on our relationship with the Ea…

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Class of 2020: Jonah Fried

BA Fine Art, Chelsea College of Arts, University of Arts London.
Speaking about his work, Jonah Fried says:
“My practice revolves around mark-making…

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Class of 2020: Torin Bagueley

BA Fine Art final-year student at Manchester School of Art Torin Bagueley speaks to Valerie Zwart about his work.
“I’ve completely fallen in love …

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Class of 2020: Aisha Matraxia

BA Fine Art (Sculpture), Leeds Art University.
Speaking about her work, Aisha Matraxia says:
“Throughout the past two years, my work has been a grad…

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Class of 2020: Catherine Gittens

Catherine Gittens, BA Fine Art final-year student at Sheffield Hallam University, talks to Orla Foster about her work.
“I like making organic forms …

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Class of 2020: Louisa Clark

BA (Hons) Fine Art: Painting, Wimbledon College of Arts, UAL.
Louisa Clark says of her practice:
“My work aims to form different perspectives on fam…

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Class of 2020: Martha Scott

BA Fine Art Sculpture, Wimbledon College of Arts, UAL.
Martha Scott works primarily with everyday and mass-produced objects, exploring the materiality…

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Class of 2020: Adonia Hirst

BA Fine Art, Newcastle University.
In the work of Adonia Hirst, communication, intimacy and movement is explored through tactile sculpture that distor…

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Class of 2020: Molly McAndrews

Molly McAndrews, BA Fine Art final-year student at University of Plymouth speaks to Rachel Marsh.
“This feels like an investigation, like a tool to …

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Class of 2020: Poppy Jones-Little

BA Fine Art (International), University of Leeds.
“My praxis is centred upon the notion of ‘lumphood’,” explains Poppy Jones-Little. “I stri…

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