Atelier Melusine
Tuesday, March 5, 2019
Saturday, May 4, 2019
4 Rue de Trupet La Trimouille 86290
Atelier Melusine

‘Dolls – Pupa’ the Atelier Melusine, La Trimouille, France from 24 March – 04 May 2019, allows an intimate and complex look at the concept of ‘the doll’ both inanimate and artificially animated through the medium of text. The gallery sent out a short written text asking for thinkers, artists, writers, historians and scientists to respond using the written word as the primary medium. Submissions in the form of essays, prose and poetry have been emailed, printed and then installed as a site specific work across the four levels of the space around selected items, cinematic and web based elements as well as exhibits from the Melusine’s own collection which, includes original pieces by Dan Hillier and Tess Jaray. The responses have been highly personal and exceeded the original format introducing film such as ‘Rice Harvester’ by Katarzyna Borelowska, books, handmade papers as well as instruction manuals; the ‘Ultra-Low Voltage Survival Kit’ (Mindaugus Gapsevicius) and a piece of futurist theatre ‘Monde 2.0’ by the Nigerian artist Waliya Yohanna Joseph.