The Lloyd Gill Gallery
Saturday, June 7, 2008
Friday, July 4, 2008
Lee House 13 Beaconsfield Road Weston - Super - Mare Somerset BS23 1YE
South West England

7th June to 4th July 2008 ‘Add Balance to the equation'curated by Lloyd Gill CARINA TRABERG + JORUNN MAELAND + JAYNE SMITH + IAIN ANDREWS + HELOISE GODFREY + CATHY BIRD + SANDRA BOREHAM + LLOYD GILL This exhibition at the Lloyd Gill Gallery is titled 'Add balance to the equation'. This exhibition will delve into the dichotomies between Art concepts of order – randomness, nature – manmade, illogical – logical, balance – precariousness, real – imaginary and actual – virtual. The exhibition will show the extremeness of one amplifying and accentuating idea to its opposing partner. These collisions of opposites are representing the complexities of the modern world. Many of the Artists on show are interested in ontological philosophies, epitomised by films such as; ‘the Matrix', ‘how do you define what is real?', in particular the Danish Artist Carina Traberg whose sculptural work parodies this aesthetic. There will be many different works on show including; painting, video and sculpture. The Lloyd Gill Gallery is very pleased to be showing the participating Artists.